CESP1 Core Emergency Service Provider

This Gas Safety Assessment is designed to test the gas safety competence of an operative in core domestic and commercial emergency service gas work by practical and knowledge & understanding assessment:

This Gas Safety Assessment comprises of 11 Core Competences:

  1. Gas Safety Legislation
  2. Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures
  3. Characteristics of Combustion
  4. Ventilation requirements for Domestic and Commercial Appliances
  5. Installation of Pipework and Fittings
  6. Tightness Testing & Purging of Domestic Sized NG Installations
  7. Checking and/or Setting Meter Regulators
  8. Identification of Unsafe Situations and the Use of Emergency Notices and Warning Labels
  9. The Operation of and Positioning of Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves
  10. Flueing Standards
  11. Re-establish Existing Gas Supply and Re-light Appliances/Plants

Range of fittings covered: All Gas Fittings. A certificate of competence issued against this assessment criteria will be valid when the holder is carrying out emergency service work covered by the certificate for a Gas Transporter or appointed Emergency Services Provider.


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