Managed Learning Programme Courses

Candidates MUST have a Gas Safe Registered mentor while attending the below courses.

Full duration of course £POA + VAT

MLP Training - Domestic, L.P.G (RPH/LAV/PD only), Commercial, Catering, Laundry

Category 3 Candidates

To train as a Gas Engineer a new entrant would have to undertake the MLP Training Programme leading on to ACS Core Assessment. To do this they need to have a Gas Safe Registered mentor who has Domestic tickets (or Commercial if completing the Com MLP) to sign off any work produced. Completed supervised work goes towards a portfolio, consisting of timesheets, method statements and photos of themselves working on the appliances.


After completion of the MLP new entrants would then take ACS Core Assessment, (further costs apply) with various additional appliances added on as required, to become Gas Safe Registered in their own right.


Please note: whichever MLP is undertaken, new engineers must be registered with Gas Safe for a minimum of twelve months before adding any new qualifications- for example a newly qualified Commercial engineer must wait twelve months before adding a domestic change over or new appliances to their qualifications.


Please note, we are no longer able to offer MLP leading to CCLP CMC or CCLP B (as of 21/10/22) and are unable to offer Domestic until at least 2024.

Course Duration:

Training is spread across the year. Please contact us for an up-to-date training calendar and course availability.



Full duration of course £POA + VAT





Core Assessment can be taken following successful completion of the above training program(s)- Please see separate price sheet for individual core costs.

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