CGFE1 Gas fuelled engines

This course is for experienced operatives who wish to undertake installation, commission, service, repair and breakdown of gas fuelled spark ignition and dual fuelled engines. Due to the nature of the equipement, the course is undertaken on-site at the operative's place of work. Prior to the course, a member of Logic4training's technical team will complete a site survey to ensure that the equipment meets the requirements of the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS).

The cost of the course includes the site survey, and training and assessment for a maximum of 4 operatives. There would be an additional charge of £35.00 + vat per operative for the certification fee. Travel expenses and accommodation will be charged separately for sites which are outside of a 50 mile radius of central London.

Alternatively, if the operative works solely on the engine and is responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the appliance, (not the installation), and the engine is housed within an acoustically isolated plant room on it's own, then the operative can undertake the Core Commercial Limited Scope COCN1PILS and CGFE1. This would allow the operative to work on the appliance, but not to undertake any other work on gas installations unless additional ACS qualifications are gained. Operatives should contact the Customer Service Team on 0208 845 7222 if they need to undertake this route to assessment on CGFE1.

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