CoDNESP1 core changeover (CCN1 - CESP1)

This Changeover Assessment is designed to assess the gas safety competence of an operative holding Core Domestic ACS certificate CCN1 who intends to carry out work for an emergency service provider, dealing with gas emergencies downstream of the emergency/meter control by practical and knowledge and understanding assessment.

This Changeover Assessment comprises of 7 Core Competencies:

  1. Characteristics of Combustion (forced draught burners)
  2. Commercial Ventilation
  3. Connection of Flanged Commercial Piepwork and Fittings
  4. Tightness Testing and Purging of Domestic Installations
  5. The Operation of and Positioning of Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves in Commercial Premises
  6. Flueing Standards (Commercial requirements)
  7. Re-establish Existing Commercial Gas Supply and Relight Commercial Appliances

Range of appliances and fittings covered: All Domestic/Commercial Gas Fittings and Appliances Entry Qualification

Candidate must hold one of the following Core qualifications:

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