This is the assessment for converting natural gas qualifications to LPG and is a pre-requisite assessment for all other LPG appliance assessments, without holding an existing LPG core qualification.

Course objectives/key benefits

Upon successful completion of the assessment candidates will be able to undertake work within the LPG sector, within domestic homes, residential park homes, leisure accommodation vehicles and boats, depending upon the appropriate assessments being successfully undertaken.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone who holds a current domestic or commercial/industrial core gas safety qualification and wishes to undertake work within the LPG sector.

Course content

Assessment of candidate's knowledge, understanding and skills relating to the work they wish to undertake on LPG installations/appliances.

Details of the LPG add-on qualifications available can be found here.

Training Method

This is not a training course (assessment only).

Anyone requiring training should consider undertaking the LPG training course.


Practical assessment and multiple-choice question papers.

Course outcome/qualification

Candidates who successfully complete the assessment(s) will be certificated under the ACS scheme for the appropriate installations/appliances for which they have been assessed, and will then be able to apply for Gas Safe Registration.

Materials required

It is an open book assessment and it is therefore highly recommended that candidates undertaking it have an up-to-date gas publication.

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