EFJLP1 Electro Fusion Jointing of Polyethylene Pipework


Introduction to common thermoplastics (MDPE, PVC, PP, PE, PVDF); key processing techniques; joint preparation; defects and how to avoid them; process control, inspection and testing, health and safety; practical electro-fusion welding in polypropylene or polyethylene pipework.

Course objectives/key benefits

To ensure that anyone wishing to undertake electro-fusion welding has all of the necessary knowledge and skills to do so in a competent manner.

Who is the course aimed at?

Individuals with limited or no experience of these manual welding processes wishing to learn skills; maintenance staff required to install plastic fabrications; welding engineers unfamiliar with these processes; engineering apprentices.

Course content


Practical assessment and multiple choice question papers.

Course outcome/qualification

Candidates who successfully complete the assessment will receive a UK Certifiation certificate in electro-fusion welding

Materials required/provided

Candidates will be required to wear overalls or appropriate work clothes for this course, as well as steel toe-capped footwear.

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